Improve the appearance of your parking decks, walkways, and all hardscape.


EPA Compliant

Keep your commercial property and parking structures clean and our waterways free of grease, dirt and grime. No water runoff to the storm water system or directly into our lakes, streams and oceans.



Mitigate the potential for injuries and your potential liability due to slippery and dirty walkways.



No more time-consuming cleaning with a low-speed wand or a spinning head that leaves dirt circles on your pavement.


Environmentally Friendly

Remarkable self- contained system delivers the most eco-friendly, outdoor surface cleaning solution scouring away dirt, tire marks and petroleum deposits without discharging into the surrounding environment (EPA compliant) or damaging the cleaned surface.


Introducing the best cleaning machine in Central Florida. Featuring both a ride-in and a walk-behind pressure system that cleans via a high-speed turbine from Advance Cyclone, Scrubzoni uses Advance Cyclone equipment, the leading brand of outdoor pressure washers, providing cleaning systems that cover a wide range of applications including: Airport runway rubber removal, heavy duty street sweeping, concrete and asphalt surface scrubbing, and more. The unit has a multi-stage inline water recycling option that filters and reuses the dirty water and provides extended cleaning times. Also included is a diesel-powered hot water tank for extra cleaning power.

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